#Yocto | Applications

#Max Plank Institute for Nuclear Physics | Imaging atomic processes occurring in real time | Extremely short pulses of light | Using heavy ion collisions | Lead or gold muclei collision | Quarks inside protons and neutrons briefly become free to move on their own | Few yoctoseconds (10−24 second) they expand, releasing super short pulse of light | Only a few yoctosecond long photons would be released by even the highest-energy collisions | Pulses could be used for ultrafast imaging

#Catalan Institute of Technology in Barcelona | Suspended carbon nanotube sensor resonating at a certain frequency | Resonator is 150 nm in length and 2 nm in diameter | Carbon nanotube resonates at 2 GHz | Resonant frequency drops when tiny particle sticks to nanotube | Shift in resonant frequency monitored and used to calculate particle mass | Mass sensor has resolution of 1.7 yoctograms, which equals ca single proton mass |Nanoresonators operating at ultralow temperatures for fundamental studies in quantum physics

#Nagoya University: Kobayashi Maskawa Institute for the Origin of Particles and the Universe (KMI) | The first 30 yocto seconds | High energy nuclear physics | Quark Gluon Plasma (QGP) study | Deconfined phase of nuclear matter existed only within few microseconds after the Big Bang | Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) at the Brookhaven Lab | Large Hadron Collider (LHC) | QGP created in heavy ion collisions lives about 30 yocto seconds | In 30 yocto seconds QGP goes through array of physical phenomena including hottest temperature and largest pressure ever achieved on earth, most perfect fluid, and a phase transition

#Department of Physics, University of Connecticut | Hydrogen five consisting of a single proton and four neutrons study | 5H survived ca 6x10-23 seconds 60 yocto seconds | Two of its four neutrons flew away leaving a smaller radioactive nucleus of hydrogen known as 3H, or tritium

#USC Spain | Description of hadron and nuclear wave functions | Color Glass Condensate effective field theory

#TrustConverter | yoctometers to fermi

#International Center for Zetta and Exawatt Science and Technology | Amplifying lasers to extreme energy and peak power | Taking advantage of ultrashort pulses produced on the femto atto, and zeptosecond timescale | Ecole Polytechnique

#Stellenbosch University,South Africa | Radio frequency ion traps instruments | Some traps can keep the same ion trapped for week | With advanced cooling techniques ions can be cooled all the way to quantum ground state of the trap | In this regime dynamical behaviour of ion can be fully described only by the laws of quantum mechanics | Traps capable of measuring tiny forces at the level of a yocto (10-24) Newton

#NIST | Yocto Newton force detection sensitivity using trapped ions | Detected 174 yN (yocto = 10-24) forces using a crystal of 60 ions | Force detection sensitivity calculated to be 390+/-150 yN/ √Hz using phase sensitive detection of an externally applied electric field | Extraced a normalized force detection sensitivity of 50+/-20 yN/ √Hz for n = 1 | Represented a significant advancement in the precision measurement of small forces

#International System of Units (SI) | Defining constants

#Brookhaven Laboratory in New York | Smashing heavy ions into one another at extremely high energies inside particle accelerator | Quark gluon plasma generating extremely brief photon pulses as it cools down | Pulses of high energy photons cannot last max lifetime of plasma itself , which is just a few yoctoseconds

#Imperial College London | Laser physics | Developing yoctosecond detector technology

#SchibliLab | Measuring jitter between two optical pulse trains with resolution of order yoctoseconds per root Hertz

#YoctoLHC | Yoctosecond imaging of QCD collectivity using jet observables | Light takes three yoctoseconds to cross a proton, enough time for heavy ion collisions at CERN Large Hadron Collide | Plasma is formed during the first 5 yoctoseconds after elementary particle collisions | Highly energetic particle jets used to build a time image of the first 10 yoctoseconds after the collision | UNIVERSIDAD DE SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA, Spain | LABORATORIO DE INSTRUMENTACAO E FISICA EXPERIMENTAL DE PARTICULAS LIP, Portugal | University of Jyvaskyla, Finland

#Department of Physics (JYFL), University of Jyvaskyla

#Universidad El Bosque, Colombia | World as a Quantum Information Processor | Processing quantum information | Mathematics of symmetry

#International System of Units (SI) | Multiplying the unit to which it is attached by 10−24 short scale septillionth or long scale quadrillionth) | Symbol: y

#ATLAS Collaboration | Measurements of off shell Higgs production and the Higgs boson

#European Committee for Future Accelerators (ECFA) | Large Hadron Collider

#Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Pretoria, South Africa | Ultrasensitive force and displacement detection using trapped ions

#University Sydney in Australia | Nanomechanical motion measured with an imprecision below that at the standard quantum limit

#Hackster IO | Xilinx PetaLinux | Honister Yocto/PetaLinux BSP | Yocto/PetaLinux project | Meta layers for ROS 2 Humble configuring in Yocto/PetaLinux | Extending Yocto minimal image with ROS 2 desired content

#AMD | ZCU102 accelerator | Boosting ROS 2 Humble architectures

#MontaVista Software | Yocto based Linux Solution

#National Accelerator for Quantum Sensors in the United Kingdom | Quantum Sensors

#F4E | Fusion for Energy

#Sanmina | Nokia fiber broadband | Broadband, Equity, Access and Deployment funds (BEAD) | 8.5 million locations in the United States and its territories where high speed internet service is not available

#CommScope | BEAD

#Corning | BEAD

#BrainChip | Akida IP solution | Enabling improved edge ML accuracy and on-device learning with extreme energy efficiency | Fully digital, neuromorphic, event-based AI engine | On-device learning abilities | Minimizing the need for cloud retraining | Executing spatial-temporal convolutions handling 3D and 1D data | Supporting low-power implementations of vision transformers | Akida developer ecosystem | Enabling both AI experts and newcomers to quickly deploy disruptive edge AI applications

#University of Warwick | University of Manchester | Graphene naturally permeable to protons | Scanning electrochemical cell microscopy | Protons not only move through graphene crystal but also accelerate around its nanoscale wrinkles | Advancing hydrogen economy by replacing costly and environmentally harmful catalysts and membranes with sustainable 2D crystals | Graphene is permeable to protons, nuclei of hydrogen atoms | Ultra-high spatial resolution measurements | Perfect graphene crystals allow proton transport | Protons are strongly accelerated around nanoscale wrinkles and ripples present in graphene crystal | Scanning electrochemical cell microscopy (SECCM) | Measuring tiny proton currents in nanometer-sized regions | Visualizing spatial distribution of proton currents through graphene membranes | Graphene is single layer of carbon atoms arranged in 2D honeycomb lattice

#Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) | Neutron Research

#National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) | Neutron Research

#University of California, Irvine | Autonomic nervous system | Sex science | Sleep | Autonomic balance | Ability to deal with stress | Emotional, cognitive, and psychological health | Sympathetic nervous system | Autonomic imbalance | Arousal mechanisms | Vagus nerve

#University of Nottingham | Synthetic yeast genome | Synthetic chromosome XI | DNA sequence constructed consists of around 660,000 base pairs (letters making up the DNA code) | Cell growing with the same fitness level as a natural cell | Researchers can force cells to shuffle their gene content, creating millions of different versions of the cells with different characteristics | Individuals can then be picked with improved properties for a wide range of applications in medicine, bioenergy and biotechnology | Process is effectively a form of super-charged evolution | Chromosome can be repurposed as a new system to study extrachromosomal circular DNAs (eccDNAs) | eccDNAs are free-floating DNA circles that have looped out of the genome and are being increasingly recognized as factors in aging and as a cause of malignant growth and chemotherapeutic drug resistance in many cancers, including glioblastoma brain tumors

#Imperial College London | Synthetic yeast genome | Synthetic chromosome XI

#International synthetic yeast genome collaboration | Sc2.0 | Synthetic biology | Synthetic chromosome | Making synthetic versions of all of yeast chromosomes | Building synthetic chromosomes within yeast cells | Establishes foundations for designing and making synthetic chromosomes and even genomes for complex organisms like plants and animals

#ASML | Extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography system for chipmakers | AI systems need specialized chips processing vast amounts of data need specialized chips | Nvidia Corp. technology, manufacturing is using ASML machines | Race between major chipmakers to produce 2-nanometer chips | Demand to make AI algorithms compute even faster | TSMC facility to open in Arizona | Intel Corp factory in Ohio | Samsung Electronics Co. plant in Texas

#Qualcomm | Snapdragon Cockpit System

#VxWorks | Real-time operating system

#ASM Pacific Technology | Wafer assembly and packaging

#Lasing Microsystems | Precision positioning

#Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) | Dual-axis rotary table

#Pacific Antenna Systems (PAS) | Rotary position encoders installed on each motion axis (gimbal)

#HAESL | Honeycomb seal-ring | Seal Ring Measurement System (SRMS) | Renishaw incremental linear and rotary (angle) encoder

#3DHISTECH | Autonomous panoramic digital slide scanner | Enabling large pathology labs to capture ultra-high resolution images of medical samples

#Weebit Nano (ASX:WBT) | Nanochips with faster processing capacity | Memory devices replacing embedded flash | Resistive random access memory (Reram) chip | More energy efficient | Lower cost | Better endurance | Negotiating royalties wirh DB High Tech | Sony | Toshiba | Intel | Samsung

#Archer Materials (ASX:AXE) | Integrated pulsed electron spin resonance microsystem on a chip | Detecting and analysing materials for signs of quantum electron spin manipulation at a very small scale

#Niobium Canada | Niobium